Bounding Mesh Visualization

A bounding mesh is a simple mesh that encloses a more detailed mesh. With bounding meshes and bounding convex decompositions, we can approximate geometric models much closer than with typical broad-phase bounding boxes, spheres, or convex hulls. As an example, we can run robot collision detection in real-time, and speed up many other computer graphics algorithms, ray tracing, or motion planning.

Scientific report: Andre Gaschler, Quirin Fischer, Alois Knoll, The bounding mesh algorithm, Technical Report TUM-I1522, Technische Universität München, Germany, June 2015. Full publication list

Software download:

Mitsubishi Robot
Stanford Bunny
(Feel free to drag, right-click and scroll to move 3D view around.)
Software references: Bounding Mesh library - Robotics Library - three.js